About Us

We Know Great Buildings Stand on Strong Principles

McCormick Construction was built on a legacy of respect, trust and expertise. Buildings that bear the McCormick Construction signature reflect the rare consideration of owner, contractor, materials and environment to create a unique collaboration that will stand for generations. Since 1914, our projects have contributed to the culture of buildings and business in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Washington.

McCormick Construction provides construction and consultation services in the public and private sectors. From our first building to our next, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to doing things right – then and now and always.


Today, as it was when we first broke ground in 1914...

McCormick Construction Company believes in professionalism at every point of contact with our clients, with their projects and within the industry we represent. We build every project with a sense of purpose beyond a commitment to simply get the job done. We’re dedicated to the delivery of quality workmanship and contributing to the well being of the community in public service, job creation and economic growth.

We put clients first.

Our primary goal is a client for life, even if it means sacrifice today.

We pay attention.

We keep our focus sharp, and do the right thing at
the right moment.

We work together.

We look out for each other and form strong partnerships with our clients.

We mean what we say.

Our schedules and budgets are accurate and

We are detailed.

Even the smallest elements can have a huge impact on the final product.

We avoid surprises.

We set realistic expectations, then we work hard to keep them.

We plan ahead.

We consider the consequences of every action to avoid complications.

We don't cut corners.

We see the big picture: quality buildings that stand the test of time.

We go above and beyond.

Our legacy is built on every individual’s commitment to excellence.

We get it right.

Our consulting practice gives us an edge in preventing problems.

Our History

A Century of Experience and Expertise...

Then, now and always, the McCormick Construction commitment to honesty and excellence remains the foundation of our business and our legacy. Celebrating 100 years as a premier builder, McCormick Construction has helped develop an advanced corporate real estate infrastructure in California and the Western US. Our extensive portfolio gives us a platform of knowledge that informs current and future projects with the insight and vision to do things right. As a result, our unique ability to solve problems before they occur will continue to benefit our clients far into our second century.

The business is family-owned and operated by brothers Michael and Steve McCormick who continue so set the standard for industry leadership their great-grandfather George began when he started in the company in 1914. The company remains committed to quality craftsmanship, on-time completions, and cost control: building relationships that inspire repeat business and passionate referrals. The company has been a leader in adopting progressive construction techniques and procedures while maintaining a hands-on management style. Regardless of the project size, every client receives the same level of attention.