Construction Services: Design-Build

McCormick Construction has been integral in helping the pendulum swing from designing and building being completely different disciplines towards a complete synergy between the two. DB gives us the opportunity to create an atmosphere of early collaboration leading to innovation and efficiencies in discovery and constructability. It allows our subcontractors to design and build their own systems resulting in fewer costly change orders that can arise out of incomplete design or materials estimates.

Design-Build often creates a best-value option allowing your project to progress swiftly without increasing costs or decreasing quality control. This comprehensive approach allows McCormick Construction to maximize our collective talent, experience and expertise, seamlessly working together for the good of the project. In addition, it creates a single point of contact for the owner, which is especially important when time is a critical element in the process.

Essential in the public sector and becoming more and more desirable in the private sector, Design-Build is the best way to access the most that McCormick Construction has to offer.

People thrive in buildings. Life happens in buildings. Communities grow in buildings. McCormick Construction builds communities for the way people work and live.