Construction Services

There are many fine construction companies in Southern California but only McCormick Construction can combine the wisdom gained from 100 years of experience with a vision for the future gained from 100 years of experience.

Great builders and their buildings, last. The key difference between McCormick Construction and our competitors is our ability to bring a century of learning and experience as contractors and consultants to your project. We identify challenges early and implement solutions that leverage the latest technology and innovative best practices. There is very little we have not seen and solved before and we bring that insight to all of our construction projects.

The McCormick Construction portfolio stands as a virtual timeline of the cultural and economic growth of Los Angeles. We look forward to expanding that legacy with your project.


When you hire McCormick Construction as general contractors, not only do you get accurate estimates, realistic schedules and professional communications, you get access to the best relationships in the construction industry. We’ve spent years developing our network of craftsmen who’ve learned how to work together and work within our system of integrity and commitment. At the outset of every project we assign an experienced management team that selects the right team from our highly respected list and it shows.

Getting involved early and staying late, McCormick Construction professionals work through the design phase communicating daily with the project’s owner, architectand designer. We make sure that everyone in the offices,on site and in the field are working towards the same goal staying focused on the eventual outcome. In other words, we know how to get the job done – and more importantly, we know how to get it done right. To ensure we meet scheduling commitments, McCormick Construction employs sophisticated management techniques, including design/build, design/assist, CPM networks, fast-tracking and out-of-phase construction planning to organize the overall project and to respond quickly to unforeseen situations that may arise during construction.

Our superior experience, expertise and subcontractor relationship are the reason most projects are negotiated through pre-construction and contracted for a Guaranteed Maximum Price.


Construction management is generally a site-based function focused on keeping the ownership team aware of job site progress, problems and milestones as the project progresses. At McCormick Construction, our CM professionals are the eyes and ears of owners at ground level, helping you navigate the winding roads of your project. We provide in-depth analysis of design, engineering and cost comparatives. Based on that information we can offer intelligent alternates in building systems and materials, cost savings measures, identify long lead purchases and refining elements of the project. We’re your champions so builders, project managers and subcontractors can stay on schedule and on budget from before the first shovel of dirt through the ribbon cutting.

Our Construction Management division provides the traditional oversight and communication speaking the language of architects, designers and builders so that owners can make smart decisions about their projects. But we also help develop a more global perspective on how the built environment will affect neighboring businesses and local culture.

We believe our job site efforts can positively influence the overall impact the construction process will have on the perception of the building and its ownership long after the project has been completed.


Preconstruction services encompass everything outside of construction cost estimating in the process of planning your project. The McCormick Construction preconstruction experts help value engineer the project when it comes to things like design decisions, cost/benefit evaluations, user flow studies, engineering, scheduling, constructability reviews, and life-cycle costs. What makes our team unique is that our extensive experience allows us to help you anticipate uncertainty, manage any subcontractor overlap conflicts and bring a tone of realism to the materials/labor/management equation.

It is during preconstruction where McCormick Construction can best influence cost, ensure quality and inspire confidence. Our breadth of expertise and long-standing subcontractor relationships allow us to provide accurate budgets throughout the process. We also contribute our understanding of materials and system selections to solve any and all constructability issues well before they can affect the schedule or the budget ultimately saving you time and money.

Every cost estimate commences with a precise and detailed job cost analysis. The in-depth “systems” evaluation isolates the individual cost of each component of the project for easy review and understanding.


McCormick Construction has been integral in helping the pendulum swing from designing and building being completely different disciplines towards a complete synergy between the two. DB gives us the opportunity to create an atmosphere of early collaboration leading to innovation and efficiencies in discovery and constructability. It allows our subcontractors to design and build their own systems resulting in fewer costly change orders that can arise out of incomplete design or materials estimates.

Design-Build often creates a best-value option allowing your project to progress swiftly without increasing costs or decreasing quality control. This comprehensive approach allows McCormick Construction to maximize our collective talent, experience and expertise, seamlessly working together for the good of the project. In addition, it creates a single point of contact for the owner, which is especially important when time is a critical element in the process.

Essential in the public sector and becoming more and more desirable in the private sector, Design Build is the best way to access the most that McCormick Construction has to offer.

Construction Services
Our thoughtful decisions today lead to your success tomorrow. McCormick Construction brings certainty to a complex industry with comprehensive planning, unparalleled on-the-job experience, and our uncompromising code of ethics