More Design-Build Projects

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Nissan Motors, U.S.A.


One million square feet including nine-story office restack; new computer services auto unloading and handling facility building; automotive research and testing facility; automotive service, truck assembly and distribution facility, rooftop parking; regional parts warehouse and distribution facility; and truck manufacturing plant.  Services provided were Program Management, Construction Management and Design/Build.

140,000 sf design/build parts distribution center contains office area for a sizable workforce.  The development of this regional complex incorporates rooftop parking.

190,000 sf design/build auto unloading and handling facility utilizes preengineered clear span metal building.  The facility includes areas for reconditioning and testing of automobiles.

Barr Films

Irwindale, CA

Tenant work for administrative offices.

Rand Schrader Clinic Relocation

LAC & USC Medical Center

The AIDS Comprehensive Outpatient Center contains examination and treatment rooms, on-site laboratory and diagnostic facilities, along with administrative offices. The design-build three-story, moment-resistant steel frame building was a fast-tracked project which was the first phase of the $1 billion Los Angeles County and USC Medical Center Expansion Program.

KTLA Radio Station

Hollywood, CA

Structural and interior remodel of existing facility.

K-Power 106 Radio Station

Burbank, CA

Broadcasting facilities and administrative offices with raised floors, built-in control consoles, floating ceilings, isolated walls and floors.

KRLA Transmitter Station

Irwindale, CA

Installation of towers and construction of new state-of-the-art transmitter building with methane gas recovery system.


Los Angeles, CA

40,000 sf Design/Build distribution warehouse with parking on roof.

UCLA West Campus Interim Staging Facility

Los Angeles, CA

A two story, 60,000 sf steel frame with a plaster exterior, design/build medical facility.  The project includes 71 examination rooms, each room includes electric exam tables, x-ray examination screens, lavatory, and nurse call.  The project also includes 3 x-ray rooms, treatment rooms, and a surgery preparation area.

Precision Dynamics Corporation

Los Angeles, CA

This 62,000 sf Design/Build project has manufacturing areas for both laboratory and medical equipment; and sterilization rooms for testing and assembly of the product line.


Los Angeles, CA 

The fast track renovation of an existing blood processing facility included administrative, cold storage and laboratory space.

General Dynamics Building #801

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

104,000 sf of tenant improvement work.  Research and Development facility dedicated to the Stinger and Ram missiles.  Includes clean rooms.

General Dynamics Building #802

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

40,000 sf of tenant improvement work.  Research and Development facility dedicated to the Stinger and Ram missiles.  Includes clean rooms.

Empex Industrial Hose

Paramount, CA

This 80,000 sf design/build manufacturing facility specializes in the fabrication, steam curing, and testing of aircraft fueling hose and various types of special high pressure hose material.

Molding Corporation of America

Burbank, CA

This 150,000 sf design/build manufacturing facility incorporates an elaborate network of under floor concrete trenches to house the industrial piping system which supplies the vital utility services to the plastic injection molding production line.  The electrical system of this building is designed to accommodate three 35,000 KVA transformers.

Airport Business Center

Burbank, CA 

This 160,000 sf design/build industrial building plus one level of subterranean parking houses N.C.R. Corporation.

Southern California Edison Employees Credit Union

Irwindale, CA

30,000 sf of office and interior work.

Kingsbury Court

Los Angeles, CA

Three story wood frame over 1 level of subterranean concrete frame parking.  Fifty luxury condominiums including pool, jacuzzi, recreation center, fitness center, extensive landscaping and site work.

1928 Jewelry Company

Burbank, CA

Design-build, fast track new construction of a three-story, 32,000 square-foot office building, including interior build-out.