Construction Services: Pre-Construction

Pre-construction services encompass everything outside of construction cost estimating in the process of planning your project. The McCormick Construction pre-construction experts help value engineer the project when it comes to things like design decisions, cost/benefit evaluations, user flow studies, engineering, scheduling, constructability reviews, and life cycle costs. What makes our team unique is that our extensive experience allows us to help you anticipate uncertainty, manage any subcontractor overlap conflicts and bring a tone of realism to the materials/labor/management equation.

It is during pre-construction where McCormick Construction can best influence cost, ensure quality and inspire confidence. Our breadth of expertise and long standing subcontractor relationships allow us to provide accurate budgets throughout the process. We also contribute our understanding of materials and system selections to solve any and all constructability issues well before they can affect the schedule or the budget ultimately saving you time and money.

Every cost estimate commences with a precise and detailed job cost analysis. The in-depth “systems” evaluation isolates the individual cost of each component of the project for easy review and understanding.

We’ve learned how to handle issues before they become problems, meaning there are fewer surprises and more business as usual.