Talaria at Burbank


Talaria at Burbank will be a premium residential rental community in the heart of the Burbank Media District. Set to be the first LEED-certified “green” residential building in the City of Burbank, the project consists of 241 multi-family units over 5 stories on 2 subterranean parking levels.  The residential portion consists of type V and type IIIA construction.   This portion is set over a 1-story type I Whole Foods Market and ground level parking.  This mixed-use development will also include the latest in highly desirable amenities, such as a fitness center, private spa facilities, and business center. The building will use solar power and solar water heating, and the location is pedestrian, bike and hybrid/electric car friendly.

Location Burbank, California
Owner Cusumano Real Estate
Architect Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh, AIA