Nickelodeon Parking Structure

McCormick Construction Completes Trio of Parking Structure Projects in Burbank

September 6, 2016 / RENTV


Nickelodeon Parking Structure

Nickelodeon Animation Studio Parking Structure

McCormick Construction recently completed three Parking structure development projects, totaling 464.8k sf and 1,412 parking stalls in Burbank. The private structures will provide ample parking for employees of the Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Contract Services Administration Trust Fund (CSATF) and 800 S. Flower St.

“Parking, especially in Los Angeles County, has become a driving force behind not only determining the size and scale of the potential project, but how successful the development can be,” said Michael McCormick, president and CEO of McCormick Construction. “It is essential for project owners and developers to include parking options in their design-build projects in order to optimize space, time and cultivate a cohesive aesthetic between the building and its parking.”

Situated on Lake and Olive streets, Nickelodeon Animation Studio’s 450-stall, 129k sf, five-story parking garage is a design-assist with Clark Pacific, DLR Group and Englekirk and will serve the company’s employees at the newly located Animation group. By utilizing the precast concrete system, McCormick Construction improved the project’s time- and cost-efficiency, creating substantial savings. In addition, McCormick Construction streamlined a number of processes which limited the amount of workers simultaneously present on-site, significantly reducing site congestion. The structure is comprised of white cement and construction aggregate, which mirrors the glass fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC) finish on the main office building.

Currently under construction, the 800 S. Flower St parking structure is a four-story parking structure owned and developed by Cusumano Real Estate Group. Once completed, the structure will house up to 525 vehicles, including 20 exterior ground-level spaces on site. The 178.4k sf project features a green screen system with live plants on the structure’s outer walls, bolstering its environment-friendly appeal. Other features that reinforce the property’s aesthetic include streamline stair assemblies, decorative architectural lighting and a plaza area with custom concrete surfaces, which will serve to join the structure architecturally to the adjacent office building.

The third parking structure…

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